Setting up an exam
Learn how to configure your assignment to be used as a summative exam in your course.
With Exam Mode, it is possible to set up your final or summative exam within CodeGrade. Exams in CodeGrade still enable you to use all of our grading tools, including automatic grading, and detect plagiarism. Follow the steps below to learn how to set this up for your CodeGrade assignment.
Exam setup for a Java Assignment in CodeGrade
    Go to the Assignment Management page for the assignment you want to make into an exam, by clicking on the Settings button.
    Under the General tab, locate the General section and choose Exam as the assignment type from the dropdown options.
    Below, you can configure your exam using the following options:
      Send login emails: If switched to yes, students receive an email with this particular exam's link which opens within CodeGrade. These emails are sent at a predefined time: 2 days before the exam and also 30 minutes prior to the exam. If switched to no, students will not get an email and have to manually log into CodeGrade to visit this exam (this only works if CodeGrade is not linked to a Learning Management System!).
      Starts at: Enter the starting date and time of the exam.
      Duration: Define the length of the exam in terms of hours and minutes.
      Max points: Enter the maximum grade possible to achieve for the exam.
    When the values are set up according to your requirements, click on the Submit button to finalize the exam.
When students click on the exam link received through an email, they can enter CodeGrade without going through the learning management system and will be able to hand in for the exam and will have access only to your course. Students will still have access to other assignments in this course.
Provide your students continuous feedback even during an exam or turn this off by setting the Result visibility of your AutoTest configuration to "When assignment is done".
Students will still have access to previous assignments and submissions of the same course in CodeGrade, not other courses.
Only turn off Send Login Emails if you use CodeGrade standalone. In that case, students will be able to access the exam assignment in the same way they access other CodeGrade assignments.

Learn more about exams in CodeGrade:

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