CodeGrade will give you a clear overview of all the graders in your assignment and provides tools to manually or automatically divide grading work among graders and email graders automatically.

Dividing Submissions

To randomly and automatically assign graders to all submissions the divide submission feature on the assignment management page can be used. A list of all graders is displayed and after selecting the wanted graders, weights can be given to affect the workload per grader. The resulting percentage is the percentage of submissions the grader will be randomly assigned to. Newly submitted submissions are automatically assigned to graders after dividing is performed in line with this division. Dividing submissions is consistent, so new submissions from the same student will get assigned to the same teaching assistant.
Dividing submissions over your graders has multiple advantages. In addition to having a clear way to communicate with your graders, it also allows your graders to easily filter the submission lists on the CodeGrade website and in the Filesystem to only show their submissions to grade.
Manually assigning submissions is possible via the submission list, by selecting the grader using the 'Assigned to' dropdown dialog. Graders can now toggle the “Assigned to me” filter to only see their assigned submissions.
It is also possible to link the divisions and assignees of multiple assignments. To do this you can select a parent assignment in the selector below the weights of the graders. When an assignment is connected to another assignment, the child assignment copies the settings and assignees of the parent assignment. After linking, the division settings of the parent and the child are frozen. Multiple assignments can be linked to the same parent, however a parent cannot be linked to another assignment as a child.
Use this functionality when wanting the same graders for the same student for each assignment in your course (e.g. when graders directly teach classes), you can manually divide this once (or even use our API to automate this) and then connect each subsequent assignment to this parent assignment. This will result in the same manual division for each assignment.
When a student submits to a child or parent assignment CodeGrade tries to assign the student to the same assignee as in other assignments. It does this by first copying the assignee of the parent assignment for the submitting student, or if this is not possible selecting the most common assignee in the children assignments.
Changing divisions in an assignment that is connected to a previously divided assignment will not change the division for the previous assignment or for other assignments connected to this previous assignment.
When teachers manually assign themselves, weights are not updated to reflect this.

Finished Grading and Notifications

Finished grading toggles and email notifications are deprecated and will be removed and replaced in the near future.
CodeGrade provides essential communication tools between graders in the shape of email notifications. These notifications rely on graders indicating that they are done grading by setting their state to 'Done' after all grading is finished.
It is possible to set a grader to the 'Done' state even when that grader did not finish grading all assigned submissions yet, a warning is shown in this case.
CodeGrade provides two types of email notifications to enable essential communication between graders, these email notifications work together with the toggles:
  • Graders notification: send an email at a specified date and time to all graders that have not yet finished grading.
  • Finished notification: send an email to a specified email address to notify when all graders are finished grading.
For these notifications to be sent, graders must manually update their status.
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