Submission Limits
Set up submission limits to enforce waiting times between submissions or limit the number of submissions students can make for an assignment.
By setting the maximum amount of submissions or the cool off period you can limit the number of times students can hand in to your assignment. For instance useful to enforce "thinking time" between submissions when providing students instant feedback using AutoTest.

Maximum submissions

By setting the maximum amount of submissions you can limit how many submissions a student can make in total for an assignment. If you set this to value to anything higher than 0 this is the total amount of submissions the student can make. They will be informed of this limit when they create a new submission.
This setting is disabled by default, you can disable this limit by setting the limit back to "0" or "infinite".

Cool off period

The cool off period allows for a more advanced way of limiting the amount of submissions a student can upload. Instead of setting a limit for the entire assignment, you can set a limit for a certain time frame in an assignment. This allows you to effectively set an amount of submissions a student may create in a certain time period. A good way to see the cool off period is as a sliding window over time, as the following example illustrates:
When the cool off period is set to "2 submissions every 10 minutes", and a student submits at 10:00, and at 10:05 it will be impossible for this student to submit again before 10:10. If the student submits again at 10:11, it will now be impossible to submit again before 10:15.
You can combine the cool off period with a maximum amount of submissions. This could allow you to enforce a small wait period between two submissions, but also enforce a total amount of submissions.
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