Upload Types
Students can hand in to CodeGrade either via the uploader, or directly from their GitHub or GitLab repositories.
CodeGrade offers two means of handing in for students: via the file uploader in CodeGrade or using Git (GitHub or GitLab):
  • File Uploader: this option allows students to hand in their
    submission through CodeGrade's file uploader. Students can hand in
    one or multiple files and can even hand in archives (e.g. .zip or
    .tar.gz) which will be extracted automatically.
  • Git: this option allows students to configure their GitHub or
    GitLab repository to upload to CodeGrade with every push.
    Configuration instructions can be found on the hand-in page, the
    unique deploy key and webhook have to be configured for each
    separate assignment once per student.
It is possible to use both the File Uploader and Git upload type together for the same assignment. Students can then choose which means of handing in they prefer.

Uploading as a Test Student

As a teacher, you are able to upload as yourself or any enrolled student, either via the Assignment Management page or on the Submissions page. One additional option is to upload as a Test Student, submissions uploaded as a Test Student will be ignored in plagiarism runs and dividing among graders, but will be run in AutoTest.
Uploading as a Test Student is a powerful way to iterate and test your assignment settings and AutoTest configuration, as Test Students uploads are allowed before the deadline of an assignment is set and will not be taken into account in any other tools or analytics.
Most learning management systems also provide Test Student functionalities. Please note that this is a different account and submission than the Test Students in CodeGrade described above.
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