Git uploading
You can allow your students to hand in to CodeGrade directly from their GitHub or GitLab repositories.
CodeGrade allows students to hand in directly via GitHub or GitLab if the Git upload type is turned on for an assignment. Students can find instructions to configure their repository on the hand in page.
Setting up your repository to work together with CodeGrade is done with a deploy key and webhook. The deploy key is used to grant CodeGrade access to read your repository. The webhook is used to notify CodeGrade for each push event that takes place. With this setup, students will automatically upload their work to CodeGrade every time they git push.
CodeGrade has a size limit on student submissions. Exceeding this size limit will result in a warning message when regularly handing in, but not when using git to upload. If a student exceeds this limit, files exceeding the limit are silently deleted. This very rare case does result in a cg-size-limit-exceeded file to show up in the Code Viewer.
Uploading via Git works together with all of CodeGrade's tools, use it in combination with Continuous Feedback via AutoTest to provide immediate and automatic feedback to students every time they submit. It is also possible to combine Git uploading with group assignments. All students in a group will share the same deploy key and webhook, anyone in the group can hand in for the whole group with a git push.
Hand-In Requirements are disabled when using the Git upload type.
In addition to further streamlining the workflow for students, Git uploading allows teachers to also assess git usage within CodeGrade. This can be done manually, by looking at the .git folder in the Code Viewer or directly opening the student repository by clicking the GitLab or GitHub link in the submission. In AutoTest, the student submission is a normal Git directory and can be handled and assessed that way automatically.
Want to see how your students use Git or even assess this automatically? The .git folder containing all information is accessible in the student submission to be inspected in our Code Viewer or assessed in AutoTest, run git fetch --unshallow to make sure the information is complete.
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