Capture Points
The Capture Points step can run custom scripts, parse their outputs and use that to calculate a score for the student.
The Capture Points step is an extension of the Run Program step. It also executes a specified program but instead of taking only the exit status, it captures the output of this program. The output of the program can be captured using a Python3 Regex. This output should be a valid Python Float number between 0.0 and 1.0. This number is then multiplied with the weight of the Capture Point Test to get to the final score of the test.
The float captured for a Capture Points Test is captured from the last32 kBof output data.

Use cases

Capture Points steps are especially useful to run programs of which the output is of importance. Use Capture Points Tests to execute and evaluate your own (unit) test scripts or any other specific programs you want to use to evaluate student code.
It is easy to use existing test scripts or frameworks with the Capture Points Test, simply write a small wrapper script around it to parse the output to a value between 0 and 1.
Capture Points steps are a great choice if you want to run your own testing scripts or tools with a wrapper script. Use the Unit Test step instead when using unit testing frameworks.
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