Generating Output
Use AutoTest to generate output, which you can then manually display, review and grade in the Code Viewer.
It may be desirable to have files generated automatically after students submit their work. This is also possible using the AutoTest infrastructure. While most generated files (think compilation artifacts) are deleted when the test has finished, files written to the $AT_OUTPUT directory are sent back to CodeGrade so the student and/or teacher can review them later on.
The generated files can be viewed in the Code Viewer in the "AutoTest output" category in the file tree. An entry is made per AutoTest category. The $AT_OUTPUT directory is cleared between each AutoTest category.
Generating output has a wide variety of use cases and can be used for amongst other things:
  • Automatically running Jupyter Notebooks
  • Create screenshots of graphics of GUI applications
  • Generating testing reports
By default the $AT_OUTPUT directory is writable by the user running the AutoTest steps. This means that students will also be able to write to this directory, or even overwrite files that were generated earlier. To prevent this from happening, see the Limiting Student Access chapter in AutoTest Setup.
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