A list of all course members and their roles can be found on the Course Management page inside CodeGrade.
The Members tab on the Course Managament page displays a list of all users (students, teachers and other roles) that are enrolled in the course. The role of users can be changed here and new users can be added to the course.
Course and enrolment management is done via your learning management system if connected, however managing roles and permissions is still done in CodeGrade.
With a course enroll link, you can let users enroll as a specific role directly to your course via a URL. Users can either create a new account or join your course with their existing CodeGrade account.
Course enroll links have an expiration date and automatically become invalid once the expiration date has passed or when the link is deleted. When a link is invalid, it is no longer possible to register for the course with that link.
You can have multiple links with different roles, e.g. one for students to sign up and one for teachers or TAs to sign up.
You don’t want to add a course registration link to LTI courses (courses that are connected to your Learning Management System), as all course registration should come from the LMS.
Last modified 11mo ago
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