Inline Comments
Feedback in CodeGrade is mostly given as inline comments, the most intuitive way to give feedback and receive feedback for students.
Most feedback in CodeGrade is given directly in lines of code, this feedback is visible within the code in the Code Viewer.
Feedback on a specific line can be given by simply clicking on this line of code in the Code Viewer. Feedback can be written in the dialog that appears and saved with the "Save" button.
To edit a previously placed inline comment, click on the Edit Button at the top of the comment. You can view a list of all edits you made by clicking the History Button.
Delete a comment by clicking on the Delete Button at the top or on the bottom when editing a comment. Click Cancel while editing to revert any changes you have made and stop editing the comment.
Use the shortcut Ctrl+Enter , or Cmd+Enter on Mac, to save your feedback quickly.

Markdown in comments

Markdown can be used to style the content of your comment. Use the Preview Tab to preview what your comment will look like to a student. Links are automatically made clickable.


Save and re-use inline comments by saving them as snippets. Read more in the Snippets chapter:

Student Questions

Students can also comment on their own code, in the same way a teacher would, to ask a question about that code. Read more in the Student Questions section:
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