Use snippets to make inline comments more efficient and consistent. Save and re-use your inline comments by saving them as snippets.

Snippets allow you to easily re-use inline feedback messages when grading in CodeGrade. Snippets in CodeGrade are both available on a course-wide level and a personal level. Personal snippets are linked to your CodeGrade account and are available to you for any assignment from any course you grade. Course-wide snippets are specific to a course and are available to all graders when grading assignments in that course.

All snippets consist of a shortcut and a full comment. The shortcut is used to find and autocomplete to the wished for full comment. To find a snippet, simply start typing the shortcut in the inline comment and press TAB to select the right snippet in the list and autocomplete.

Personal snippets

Personal snippets are available to one CodeGrade user and are available for this user in all their courses. Personal snippets can be added in the Profile Menu and directly in the Code Viewer.

It is possible to save an existing inline comment as snippet by editing this comment, navigating to the Snippet Menu and then saving this comment as a snippet.

Course (shared) snippets

Course snippets are available for all graders inside a course, but only inside that course. These snippets can be added on the Course Management Page under the Snippets Tab.

It is possible for personal and course snippets to have the same name, in this case, both snippets will show up and TAB can be used to select the preferred one.