Student Questions
Students can use inline comments to ask questions about their code before the deadline.
Students can also comment on their own code, in the same way a teacher would, to ask a question about that code. This can be useful if they have questions about the assignment or their code. Teachers or teaching assistants assigned to a submission will be notified when this a question is posted by a student, so they can respond quickly.
If no teacher is assigned to the submission, no notifications will be sent. Only a notification to the assigned teacher will be sent. Read more about notifications below:
Both students and teachers can reply to comments by clicking on the "Click to reply..." box, allowing the entire discussion to be held in one place.
By default, students will not be able to see answers to their inline comments until the assignment is set to Done. To allow students to see your comments and replies before that, give them the permission See feedback before done.
Students need the permission Add inline comments to own submissions to be able to place comments on their own submissions. By default, this permission is enabled for the student role. Turn this off if you do not want to allow students to ask questions.
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