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Welcome to the CodeGrade Help Center, get started in CodeGrade using our guides and video tutorials, learn more about our tools in our user reference or expand CodeGrade using our API.
With CodeGrade you can deliver engaging feedback on code. It is the complete feedback environment for computer science education with automated grading, inline comments, rubrics, plagiarism detection, analytics and peer feedback for code.
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Start teaching your Course using CodeGrade

CodeGrade will help you save time and supercharge your programming courses. Get started as a teacher in CodeGrade, create your course and assignments and start configuring them. Set up the automatic tests using AutoTest and learn all about grading manually in CodeGrade.

Start using CodeGrade as a student

You are one of the lucky students using CodeGrade in their course! Get familiar with the CodeGrade workflow and handing in now!
For Teachers
: Share these guides and videos with your students to get them familiar in CodeGrade in no time!

Learn everything about everything in CodeGrade

Want some more information or details about specific features in CodeGrade? Have a look in our User Reference! From default software and unit test frameworks in AutoTest, to all permissions and information for LTI administrators, you will find it here!

Explore all the possibilities our API brings you

CodeGrade has an extensive API that will help you extend and connect it with any of your current tools and workflows.
We are always happy to help you out with custom API scripts! Just schedule a call with us!​

What's new in CodeGrade?

CodeGrade has come a long way and is still becoming more awesome every day, read our full changelog here and stay updated on CodeGrade's new monthly releases!

Get in touch with Team CodeGrade

We would love to get and stay in touch with you. As part of the CodeGrade community, you are invited in our monthly Focus Groups and will receive our newsletter too!
We are also here to help out with any questions that you have, consult you about CodeGrade or (Computer Science) education and help you with custom API or AutoTest scripts. Do not hesitate to reach out!
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