Choosing a grading scale

Educational institutions worldwide have various grading scales. CodeGrade supports two types of grading scales: points and percentages.

CodeGrade offers two types of grading scales, to support as many educational workflows as possible. Out of the box, CodeGrade assignments can have a points-based grading scale or percentage-based grading scale:

  • Points-based grading scale: students can score any (decimal) number between 0 and 10 inclusive. With a 0 being the lowest grade and 10 the highest.

  • Percentage-based grading scale: students can score any number between 0% and 100% percentage. With 0% being the lowest grade and 100% the highest.

Using another custom grading scale in your LMS? CodeGrade sends a universal grade to your LMS, which will be automatically converted to the custom grading scale of your LMS and show up like that in the gradebook of your LMS. Switching your grading scale in CodeGrade only changes the grading scale in the user interface of CodeGrade.

You can choose a grading scale for each assignment in CodeGrade by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Management page of the assignment you want to update the grading scale for.

  2. Go to the General tab and navigate to the Grading scale option under the "Advanced options" section.

  3. Toggle to Points or Percentage. Press Submit to submit your changes.

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