📝Giving Peer Feedback

In some assignments, you are asked to give feedback to the code of your peers.

Some assignments in CodeGrade are designed to allow for peer feedback, where you can give your peers constructive comments on their work and review their code.

Follow the steps below to learn how to give peer feedback on your peers:

  1. Once the deadline has passed, you will find the Peer feedback button enabled next to the disabled Upload files button.

  2. Click on the Peer feedback button to find the list of students that you need to give feedback to. You can also find the deadline for this at the bottom of the list.

  3. Click on the student you want to give feedback to and select the file you want to give feedback in. Click on the line you want to give feedback on, write your comments in the input field and click on the Save button to record it. You can also give general feedback to other students, using the General Feedback button (see image below) and saving it with the Submit button.

Teachers have the option to finally approve or disapprove any of your comments, the feedback you write will then be displayed to your peer.

It can be that your peers uploaded multiple files, be sure to review all files your teacher requested you to review!

On the right side of the list with students you have to review, it shows the number of comments you have already given to each student. It may contain two numbers when the other student has done another submission after you have already given them some feedback. If this happens, the first number is the amount of comments you have given on their latest submission, and the second is the total amount of comments you placed on all of their submissions (the last one included).

👩‍đŸĢ Learn how to turn on peer feedback for your assignment:

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