Exporting Submissions

There are two ways in which you can get data out of CodeGrade. Using the assignment export or by using our API.

Using the assignment export

You can easily export all submissions and all grade and feedback data of an assignment. You can also filter the export using search or by assigned user.

  1. Navigate to the Submissions Page of the assignment you want to download submissions for.

  2. Optional: Set any filters to select which submissions you want to download (e.g. toggle "Assigned to me".)

  3. Navigate to the "Export" tab.

  4. Click "Export files" to download an archive containing all (selected) submissions or "Export Metadata" to export the grade and feedback data to a CSV.

Using the API

You can easily create extensible API scripts to get any sort of data out of CodeGrade. CodeGrade comes with a Python package so you can easily write scripts.

Click here to go to the Python API documentation.

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