đŸ’¯Give a Grade

Now that you have given your students feedback, you can award a grade to their submission to keep track of their academic progress. Ultimately, the Final Grade is what counts. But, CodeGrade offers two mechanisms for awarding grades:

  • You can directly set the Final Grade manually.

  • Or, you can use Rubrics to award points that count towards the Final Grade.

If you have set up a Rubric for your assignment, then the total number of points across all Rubric Categories is considered the maximum number of points for the assignment. This translates to a Final Grade of 100% or the maximum amount in whatever points scale you have chosen.

Manual Rubric Categories

Rubric Categories connected to automatic tests will be filled in automatically. But, those that aren't connected to automatic tests must be filled in by you manually. Ideally, you should use Discrete Rubric Categories for manual grading.

  1. Navigate to your student's submission.

  2. Select the manual Rubric Category that you want to grade. (Be aware that CodeGrade automatically collapses all Rubric Categories into a drop-down menu if your screen is small.)

  3. Select one of the available points steps.

Final Grade

Once all of the Rubric Categories have been filled in, the number of points awarded to the student will count as their final grade. This is displayed at the bottom of the screen according to your chosen grading scale.

You can manually override the final grade by simply clicking on the grade and typing in the new grade. You can easily revert this to its original value by clicking the red back arrow that appears in the grading bar.

Grades and feedback are only visible to students after toggling the "Grades Published" toggle on the Assignment Management Page's general tab. Toggling this will also automatically synchronize your grades with your LMS.

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