Using sections

With Sections, you can divide students and graders in different groups. This allows you to have certain graders only be able to see and grade certain students if they belong to the section this grader belongs to.

How to create Sections?

  1. Navigate to the Course Management Page and then to Sections

  2. Create your Sections by filling in the Name and selecting Members. These members should be both the students and the graders within this section.

Setting Section permissions

If you want to set it up so TAs (or any other role) can only grade and view students within their own Section, you have to update the permissions.

  1. Go to the Permissions tab on the Course management page.

  2. Uncheck the following permissions for TAs

    1. Edit groups of others

    2. Edit submissions by others

    3. View groups of others

    4. View submissions by others

  3. Now TAs can only view and grade submissions that are part of students in their Section.

Different deadlines per Section

With CodeGrade's Schedule feature, it is possible to set up different submission schedule settings per Section. You can individually set up the Availability, Deadline and Lock date per assignment per Section.

To edit these settings for an assignment:

  1. Go to the General tab of the Assignment Management page of the assignment.

  2. Find the "Schedule" section.

  3. Press the "+ Add" button to add a new Schedule:

    1. Select the Section(s) this new Schedule should apply for.

    2. Set the Availability, Deadline and Lock date that should apply for this Section.

  4. Repeat this process for all Sections you want to set up Schedules for.

If a student is in multiple Schedules, the most specific one applies first (e.g. information will first be taken from a specific Section over the "Everyone" Schedule). If a student is in multiple Sections, the most lenient is taken for each individual setting (i.e. most lenient availability setting, most lenient deadline and most lenient lock date).

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