Using a coupon to enroll in a course

Some institutions offer paid courses in CodeGrade, in this guide you will learn how you can enroll in such a course using a coupon code.
Some courses that are offered with CodeGrade require a coupon code for you to enroll. This guide will show you step by step how you can enroll in a paid course in CodeGrade using a coupon code.
  • Sign up or sign in to CodeGrade or access CodeGrade via your Learning Management System.
Opening a paid CodeGrade course via your Learning Management System (e.g. Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, Moodle, etc.): Open any assignment in the course to navigate to a CodeGrade window (inside your LMS) and payment window.
Navigating to the payment page for a paid CodeGrade course in your LMS.
Signing up or in to CodeGrade directly: After logging in you will find an overview of your courses and you can navigate to the course you have to pay for.
Navigating to the checkout page for a paid CodeGrade course in CodeGrade.
  • Click on the link in the payment message (or the Checkout button). This will show the checkout pop-up. In this checkout pop-up, press the "Or pay with coupon" drop-down button.
Select the "Or pay with coupon code" option to enroll with your coupon code.
  • You can now fill your coupon code and press "Use coupon" to use your coupon to enroll in the paid course.
Fill in your coupon code to enroll in a paid course.
  • After a successful paying with your coupon, you will be taken back to the assignment and you can start handing in right away!
Please carefully save your payment confirmation email, as this contains important information if you would ever need supports and contains your username.
You You are now ready to start using CodeGrade and handing in to your assignments! Learn how to use CodeGrade below:👇