Configuring roles of members

All members in your CodeGrade course have a role, which you can manually change.

CodeGrade has an extensive roles and permission system, which allows you to customize your course exactly how you want. You can change the roles of members and create new roles.

It is a good practice to confirm the correctness of the roles of the members that are synchronized from your Learning Management System. These roles will be correctly mapped in most occasions, but will sometimes map wrong for custom LMS roles.

To change roles, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to the Course Management Page and to the Members tab. Here you can find a list of all members that are currently enrolled in your course.

  2. Find the member(s) you want to change roles for. Use the search bar to find a specific member or sort on full names or roles to find a group of members easily.

  3. Use the dropdown to select a new role for a member. Changes take effect immediately.

Creating a new role:

In addition to our default roles, you can also create your own custom roles:

  1. On the Course Management page of your course navigate now to the Permissions tab.

  2. Scroll down and add a new role by typing in the name and clicking Add.

  3. By default, this new role will automatically have the same permissions as a regular student role. You can now change the permissions of this role.

A common custom role is the "Late Student" role, which is given to a subset of students who are allowed to hand in after the deadline. Find out how to do that below: 👇

pageAllow students to hand in after deadline

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