đŸ‘ĨPeer Feedback

Peer feedback is a powerful tool that provides students the opportunity to learn from each other and improve their own skills. With peer feedback, students will be able to review and give inline comments and general feedback to their peers. Teachers can approve or disapprove these comments and optionally grade the given feedback. Follow the steps below to learn how to set this up for your CodeGrade assignment.

  1. Go to the Assignment Management page of the assignment you want to turn on peer feedback for by clicking on the Settings button.

  2. Under the General tab, find the Peer Feedback section and click 'Set up Peer feedback'.

  3. Thereafter, you'll see the following options:

    • Amount of students: Enter the number of students that each student has to give feedback to. (i.e. one student has to review xx other students)

    • Time to give peer feedback: Define the number of days and hours that students have for providing peer feedback after the passing of original deadline of the assignment.

    • Automatically approve comments: If switched to yes, all peer feedback comments by students are automatically approved. If switched to no, the teacher has to manually approve or disapprove all comments.

  4. When the values are set up according to your requirements, click on the Submit button to turn on the peer feedback feature. Clicking on Disable will turn the feature off.

When Peer Feedback is turned on, a random division is automatically made after the deadline of your assignment and students can start giving peer feedback.

In case you want to view comments provided by students after the deadline for the peer feedback has passed, go to the Submissions page and click on any submission to find comments under the Peer Feedback tab. As a teacher, you have the option to approve or disapprove the comments by students. It is also possible to reply to or edit any comment. Students will be able to view their Peer Feedback only after you release grades and feedback to them.

Allow your students to see AutoTest results of peers during Peer Feedback

Do you give your students instant feedback using AutoTest? Or automatically generate files you want students to see during Peer Feedback? You can allow your students to see AutoTest during giving Peer Feedback by giving them the "View peer reviewed user's AutoTest details" permission.

Add a rubric category to manually assess and give a grade to peer feedback. As all peer feedback given by a student can be found on the student submission page, you can easily grade their peer feedback.

As a teacher, you will always be able to manually disapprove student inline comments, even if automatically approve comments is turned on.

Peer Feedback will allow your students to give inline comments and general feedback to each other, rubrics and grades are still filled in by the teacher.

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