🧑‍🎓Student View

Experience assignments as students would

When developing your assignment, it can be useful to see how it looks and works from the student's perspective. For example, you may want to check that certain information is not visible to them or that their workflow for submitting and receiving feedback is as desired. This is exactly what the Student View Mode is meant for.

To turn it on, go to an assignment and then click the 👓 icon in the bottom left corner of your CodeGrade interface.

This view grants permissions typical of the Student role, with the added possibility of seeing hidden assignments. The account's original identity is retained. This means that there is no relation with the Test Submission. A submission created in Student View will still refer to your original account but with student permissions. Once activated, you will be brought to the submission page for the current assignment, where you can submit to see the feedback a student would receive.

To leave the Student View, you can click the 👓 icon or the "Leave Student View" button that will be present at the bottom of the page.

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