đŸĢ‚Group Assignments

Allow your students to hand in as groups by making your CodeGrade assignment a group assignment.

Groups for group assignments are managed entirely within CodeGrade. Group sets are created in CodeGrade on a course-level, meaning that multiple assignments within one course can have the same groups.

It is important that a regular individual assignment is created within your LMS, and not a group assignment. CodeGrade handles all the groups and makes sure grades and feedback are passed back correctly to the corresponding group members.

  1. A group set for your course in CodeGrade has to be created first. Click the Settings button next to your course to go to the "Course Management" page.

  2. Navigate to the "Groups" tab to find an overview of previously created group sets or to create a new group set.

  3. Click the "Add group set" button to create a new group set, specify the minimum and maximum group sizes and press Save.

  4. Now that a new group set is created, this group set can be linked to assignments. Go to the "Assignment Management" page of the assignment you want to make a group assignment by clicking the Settings button.

  5. On the "General" tab, scroll down to the "Group Assignment" section. Here, select the desired group set and confirm by pressing "Submit". Your assignment is now a group assignment!

Set your minimum group size to 1, so that individual users that are not in a group can still hand in submissions too.

By default, students can create new groups and join groups within a group set themselves. The names of groups are automatically generated but can be manually changed afterwards. If you want to change this default behaviour (e.g. make it impossible for students to create or join groups themselves).

Want to exclude individual students from working in a group? Create a new role called "Individual Student" and give that role the "Upload without group", now all students with this role can submit their work without enrolling in a group! Read more about setting up permissions and roles here.

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