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Creating a new CodeGrade assignment from within Sakai will correctly add this assignment to the corresponding course in CodeGrade, a new course will automatically be created in CodeGrade if it does not yet exist in CodeGrade. Follow the steps below to create a new CodeGrade assignment in Sakai:

  1. In your Sakai course, navigate to the "Resources" page, which can be found in the sidebar.

  2. Click on the "Add Content" button and select "Add External Tool" in the list that pops up.

  3. In the External Tool Selector, select "CodeGrade".

  4. Now, you can provide the Tool Title (name of the assignment) and Button Text and press "Save".

A good practice is to keep the Tool Title and Button Text the same!

Grades are automatically sent back to Sakai after setting the assignment state to Done in CodeGrade. While the assignment is in the Done state, all grades and changes to grades are immediately sent back to Sakai. Only after this is done, the CodeGrade assignment will show up in the gradebook.

Now, go ahead and set up the General Settings:

⚙ī¸General settings

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