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The next step in setting up your assignment is adding a Rubric. Rubrics are used to award points to students either manually or with automatic tests. The points can be structured using different Rubric Categories. To create your Rubric, navigate to the Rubric tab and press "Create new rubric". Alternatively, use the "Copy a rubric" option to copy a rubric from another assignment you have created.

Creating a new rubric for your CodeGrade assignment

CodeGrade offers two types of Rubric categories:

  • Discrete: Using a Discrete rubric category, you can award points in discrete steps or "bins". These are great for "Pass/Fail" automatic tests or for manual grading with more options.

  • Continuous: Using a Continuous rubric category, you can award points on a scale. The scale is determined by setting an upper and lower bound of points. The upper and lower bound can also be negative. These are great for grading automatic tests as the number of points awarded scales according to the number of tests passed.

For each rubric category, you can set a name and a description. These can be used to help make the grading requirements clearer to students. You can also reorder rubric categories by grabbing the handles on the left and dragging them into your preferred order.

An example rubric in CodeGrade with 2 manual and 4 automatic rubric categories.

Don't forget to press the "Submit" button once you're done configuring your Rubric!

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