📋Add Rubric

The next step in setting up your assignment, is adding a rubric. To do this, navigate to the Rubric tab. In the rubric, you will specify how you grade the students.

  1. Click on the Plus icon to create a new rubric.

  2. Create a new category by pressing one of the "Discrete category" or "Continuous category" buttons.

    Discrete rubric categories are traditional rubric categories. They allow you to create multiple levels within a category. While grading you can select the level the student achieved.

    Continuous rubric categories allow you to set a maximum amount points, and give everything between a lower bound and an upper bound for that category (e.g. between 0 and 5, or -10 and 0). These categories are especially useful when automatically grading.

  3. Set a category name and category description.

  4. You can create new levels by clicking on the empty level with a large Plus in it. For each level set a header, a description, and an amount of points.

  5. Add as many levels and categories as necessary. You can reorder levels by dragging the handle up or down.

You can also duplicate a rubric from a different assignment. To do this click on thecopy icon, and use the dropdown list to select the assignment to copy the rubric from and press Submit.

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