đŸ§ŦAdvanced Features

Find out about all things you can do as a student in CodeGrade, from connecting your Git repo to asking questions and giving peer feedback.

Below, you will find Advanced Features in CodeGrade. These will not be turned on for every assignment and may only be used once in a while.

đŸ‘Ĩ Handing in as a group

Some CodeGrade assignments will allow or need you to join a group and upload to them as that group. Learn more about joining groups and handing in for your group here:

đŸ‘ĨpageHanding in with a group

🧩 Handing in using GitHub or GitLab

Some CodeGrade assignments will allow you to connect your GitHub or GitLab repository to that CodeGrade assignment, so that you will automatically hand in every time you do a git push.

đŸ“ĨpageHanding in using Git

📝 Giving Peer Feedback

Some assignments in CodeGrade will need you to review and give feedback to your peers after the deadline has ended. Learn how to do that in the guide below:

📝pageGiving Peer Feedback

🏆 Doing a Final Exam in CodeGrade

Your teachers can also give final code exams inside CodeGrade, this is nice for you as the workflow will be very similar to the other CodeGrade assignments you had. Learn how to join these exams using the specials links and how final exams work in the guide below:

🏆pageDoing a Final Exam

❓ Asking questions about your code

Most CodeGrade assignments have student questions turned on, meaning that you can ask questions about the code to your teachers inside CodeGrade.

❓pageAsking Questions

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