Creating Checkpoints

Checkpoints allow you to add conditionality within your categories.
With a checkpoint you can add a condition to your Test Category. A checkpoint will enable you to only execute subsequent steps if a high enough percentage is scored before it.
Simple checkpoint directly after a Run Program test that check for compilation
  1. 1.
    Add a Checkpoint.
  2. 2.
    Drag and drop it in the correct location.
  3. 3.
    Specify the minimum percentage of points that needs to be achieved to continue the AutoTest Category.
Use a Checkpoint to distinguish between simple and advanced tests, where you only want to execute the advanced tests when the simple tests pass.
Use a Run Program Test to compile the code of a student and combine this with a Checkpoint after to make sure the rest of the AutoTest Category is only executed when compiling is successful.

Checkpoints or levels?

Checkpoints add conditionality within one test category. As multiple categories within one level are executed independent and parallel from each other, checkpoints do not add conditionality with other categories. To add conditionality between categories, you can use levels.