How can I make steps hidden in AutoTest?

For each step you create, you can toggle whether to hide it or not by clicking the Hide icon. By default, all steps are visible. When you hide a step, the name is still visible, but its details aren't. Also, when you're using Continuous Feedback, hidden steps won't be run before the deadline. AutoTest will automatically run all hidden steps within 30 minutes after the deadline. There are some use cases to make your steps hidden:

1. Performance heavy tests and Continuous Feedback

You may sometimes have performance heavy tests. When giving your students Continuous Feedback, you may want to hide these tests to speed up the process, as hidden steps are not run until after the deadline.

2. Not giving away all of your tests

Sometimes you might want to have tests that students can see and other tests that students cannot see. For example when having a simple test suite that students can use to quickly tests their code and a deeper advanced test suite that you will use to actually grade the code. With hidden tests, you can make the deeper advanced tests hidden.