Limiting visibility to students

Students will see all tests and fixtures by default. You can hide sensitive information in AutoTest from your students.
It is sometimes desirable to limit student access or hide certain tests from students for obvious reasons. For instance, when you have a solution uploaded as a fixture or have advanced tests. There are multiple ways to limit visibility to students. All options below can be done on the AutoTest tab.
  • Navigate to the individual step you want to hide and simply press the Eye icon. This will hide the functionality and details of the individual step to the student, the name will still be visible. In addition, this test will only run after the deadline of the assignment.
Hiding a step in AutoTest (currently not hidden)
A hidden AutoTest step
  • The fixtures in your test are hidden by default. To unhide these, click on the Eye icon next to it.
  • To limit student access to fixtures folder completely, simply use the become_nobody command when executing student code. This way, students cannot guess and access the fixtures folder programmatically either.
Names of hidden AutoTest steps will be visible to students, but functionality and details are hidden and the test is skipped before the deadline
Another reason to hide individual steps is if they are performance heavy, as hidden steps will only run after the deadline and will not stall continuous feedback AutoTest progress for a student.
Hide individual steps to, for instance, have advanced tests that are only run after the deadline has passed and are not displayed as continuous feedback.