Change the weight of each test

Use the Weight wrapper block to weight your tests differently

By default, all tests are worth one point in AutoTest v2. However, there are a few situations where you may want to change the weighting of certain test steps:

  • Harder Tests Some tests may be harder than others and, therefore, worth more points.

  • More Test cases Some tests may contain several test cases within them and, therefore, need their weight to be adjusted to account for each test case.

Adjusting the weight of tests is simple and can be done using the Weight wrapper block.

How to use the Weight wrapper block in your AutoTest configuraion:

  1. Navigate to the Tests portion of the AutoTest settings.

  2. Click the Weight block to add it to the bottom of your AutoTest configuration or drag-and-drop the block in the desired location.

  3. Nest the tests that you want to weight differently within the Weight block.

  4. Adjust the weight of the nested tests using the input field on the Weight block. The specified weight is then applied to each of the nested tests.

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