Make your tests graded

Connect your tests to a rubric so that awarded points count towards your students' final grade.

AutoTest v2 allows you to have ungraded test steps. Any test that is not connected to a rubric will not count towards a students' final score. However, if you want your tests to be graded, they must be connected to a rubric category. This can easily be done by nesting your tests within a Connect Rubric wrapper block.

How to use the Connect Rubric block in AutoTest v2:

  1. Set up a rubric category for your tests to be graded with.

  2. Navigate to the Tests portion of the AutoTest settings.

  3. Click the Connect Rubric wrapper block in the sidebar to add it to the bottom of your AutoTest configuration or drag-and-drop it in the desired location.

  4. Nest your test(s) within the Connect Rubric wrapper block and select your rubric from the drop-down menu.

We do not recommend nesting multiple Connect Rubric blocks within each other. This may result in strange point calculation.

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