Publish a Snapshot

As a teacher developing a new assignment you will often go through the following cycle:

  • applying edits to the Autotest Configuration (or Snapshot) such as uploading a new fixture, installing a new dependency or inserting a new test block;

  • clicking the "BUILD SNAPSHOT" blue button at the bottom right corner to check the results of your edits (see image below);

  • if needed, going back to the first step to either continue developing your Autotest or to correct what did not work as expected.

Once you are satisfied with your Snapshot you will have to publish it. Publishing means you will set that specific Snapshot as the one grading all the existing and future submissions. To publish a Snapshot you just need, after clicking the "BUILD SNAPSHOT" button, to click the "PUBLISH TO STUDENT" button at the bottom of your Snapshot build report.

It can happen that you make new edits to the Snapshot but forget to publish it. Then, when checking how your students' submissions are being graded, you will see that your new edits were not applied at all. This is because an old Snapshot will be the currently published one! The fix is just to publish the latest Snapshot.

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