Set a custom timeout for your tests

Make your tests take longer or shorter to timeout.

The default timeout for tests in AutoTest v2 is 120 seconds. However, there are a few situations where you may want to adjust this:

  • Long run time Some tests may take some time to run because they require uploads or downloads, large amounts of data, or running an external software that is computationally heavy. The default timeout may not be enough for the tests to run

  • Checking for computational efficiency You may require your students to build a computationally efficient program that is run in under a certain amount of time.

Adjusting the default timeout of steps is very simple and can be done with the Timeout Each wrapper block.

How to use the Timeout Each block in your AutoTest configuration:

  1. Navigate to the Tests portion of the AutoTest settings.

  2. Click the Timeout Each block to add it to the bottom of your AutoTest configuration or drag-and-drop the block in the desired location.

  3. Nest your tests within the Timeout Each block.

  4. Adjust the timeout of the nested steps using the input field on the Timeout Each block.

When you have multiple tests nested in a Timeout block, the timeout applies to each block independently. It is not the total time for all tests nested within the block.

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