How to set up a Formative / Asynchronous Assignment?

Learn how to set up a Formative and/or Asynchronous Assignment that is ongoing and does not have a deadline.

CodeGrade supports Formative and/or Asynchronous Assessments that run for a longer time and do not have a deadline. For these ongoing assignments, students can always hand in (taking Submission settings into count). Essentially, all assignments without a deadline in CodeGrade are formative.

Follow the steps below to set up a Formative Assignment or transform your existing assignment to a Formative Assignment:

  1. Create a new assignment or navigate to your existing assignment. Go to the Assignment Management page of this assignment.

  2. On the Assignment Management Page go to the "Schedule" section under the "General" tab.

  3. Remove the Deadline (and Lock date if set) of your assignment by using the yellow arrow buttons on the right hand side.

  4. Press "Submit" to save your settings. Your assignment is now formative and students can hand in whenever they want!

Are the Deadline and Lock Date fields greyed out? This means your assignment is connected to your LMS. You can either unset your deadline via your LMS (this will be imported to CodeGrade after a new launch) or set up a (dummy) Section press the "+ Add" button to set up a new empty Schedule, this will unlink your Schedule settings from your LMS and allow you to override the fields via CodeGrade!

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