Publish assignments to the Community Library

With the Community Library feature you can share your assignments with other CodeGrade users either globally or within your own institution. The Community Library becomes progressively more beneficial to all users as people continue to contribute. In this guide we explain how you can upload your assignments to the Community Library.


It's important that assignments uploaded to the Community Library are accessible to everyone. It is therefore important that you provide a clear assignment description and that any rubrics or automatic tests are also clearly titled.


  1. Navigate to the Assignment Management Menu by clicking the ⚙ī¸icon in the Submission List view.

  2. Under the General tab, scroll to the Danger Zone section.

  3. Click the "Publish" button Next to the Publish to Community Library option.

  4. Adjust the assignment name and Author as needed. The assignment name is automatically set to the current name of the assignment and the Author is set to your account's name.

  5. Select the Category of the assignment. This is the primary language of the assignment and setting it correctly helps distinguish between assignments.

  6. Select Where to Publish. If you would like to make the assignment available Globally select "Global" and if you only want it to be available at your institution, select "Tenant".

  7. Read and accept the license agreement.

  8. Finalize the process by clicking "Publish"

If you need to make changes to an assignment you have uploaded to the community library, please get in touch with

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