Set up Git uploading

You can allow your students to hand in directly from their Git (GitHub or GitLab) repository to CodeGrade.

It can be convenient to allow students to hand in to CodeGrade directly via Git. Learning to work with Git is often a learning goal for students and combining this with CodeGrade's features makes it very well suited for education.

Git submissions work together with all of CodeGrade's features except Hand-in Requirements. Use Automatic Grading to give students immediate feedback for every push.

To set up Git submissions for your CodeGrade assignment, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Assignment Management page for the assignment you want to enable git submissions for by clicking on the Settings button.

  2. Under the General tab, locate the Allowed upload types section.

  3. Select the GitHub/GitLab checkbox to enable submissions via Git.

  4. Optionally, deselect the File uploader checkbox to only allow students to submit via Git and not have an additional file uploader present on the hand in page.

You have now enabled Git submissions for your CodeGrade assignment. Students will be shown instructions on configuring their Git repository to work together with CodeGrade, by setting up a deploy key and webhook. After setting this up correctly, students' work will be uploaded to CodeGrade with every git push they execute. Encourage students to set this up before starting to work on the assignment, so a nice history of submissions is created in CodeGrade.

Want to see how your students use Git or even assess this automatically? The .git folder containing all information is accessible in the student submission to be inspected in our Code Viewer or assessed in AutoTest, run git fetch --unshallow to make sure the information is complete. You can also click on the Github or GitLab link to directly access the student repository.

CodeGrade has a size limit on student submissions. Exceeding this size limit will result in a warning message when regularly handing in, but not when using git to upload. If a student exceeds this limit, files exceeding the limit are silently deleted. This very rare case does result in a cg-size-limit-exceeded file to show up in the Code Viewer.


If your CodeGrade assignment is set up as a Group assignment, all members of the group will have the same deploy key and webhook and can hand in for the whole group using Git in the same way they would for an individual assignment. All members of the group will still have to open the CodeGrade assignment at least once in their LMS for this configuration to be generated! (This does not apply to standalone CodeGrade usage)

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