Creating an Assignment

Creating a CodeGrade assignment is done via your Learning Management System or directly in our app.

First things first, let's create our first CodeGrade assignment to benefit from all our awesome tools. After creating an assignment, the course this assignment is in is automatically created too if it did not exist yet in CodeGrade, if it did, your assignment will automatically be added to the right course.

The following guides assume CodeGrade has been integrated with your Learning Management System (e.g. Canvas, Blackboard or Brightspace) or you have access to CodeGrade stand alone (via SSO or a CodeGrade account). Please contact us or your system administrator if that is not yet the case.

β€‹πŸ“Let's create an assignment, in which LMS do you work?

Select the Learning Management System you work in below. None of them look familiar to you? You are probably using CodeGrade standalone!

Your course will automatically be created in CodeGrade if it does not exist in CodeGrade yet!

​πŸ–₯Not using an LMS? Create an assignment directly in CodeGrade!

Are you using CodeGrade standalone, either using SSO or a CodeGrade account? Use the guide below to create your assignment directly in the CodeGrade app!