Importing an old configuration

You can simply import an old AutoTest configuration to build up from.

If you already have AutoTest configurations from other courses you are a teacher in, you can simply import them instead of setting up a new configuration from scratch every time. CodeGrade allows to import such configurations easily, thus avoiding repetitive and cumbersome work.

Follow the steps below to learn how to set this up for your CodeGrade assignment.

Look for a previous AutoTest configuration to import on the AutoTest tab in the Assignment Manager
  1. Go to the Autotest tab, and simply click on the dropdown menu to display all the assignments that you have access to.

  2. Thereafter, select the assignment you want to import the AutoTest configuration from, and click on the Import button corresponding to it.

  3. This will automatically import both the rubric and autotest configuration to the new assignment.

The old AutoTest configuration is duplicated and a new version is made in the current assignment, you can safely make alterations which will have no effect on the old configuration.

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