Grading and giving feedback
CodeGrade supports you in giving good and personal feedback to your students, learn about our tools that make grading efficient and easy.
With CodeGrade and its tools, it is very easy and efficient to grade and provide feedback in different kinds of files submitted by students. The code and other files are directly rendered in the browser and it is also possible to change the font in the settings option within CodeGrade.

Giving inline comments on code files

Adding an inline comment on a Python code file
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    To start grading assignments, simply click on any submission on the Submissions page.
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    Choose any file, and click on the line you want to give feedback to. An input field will show up, in which you can enter your feedback and click on Save button (or press Ctrl + Enter) to save it.
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    Start typing a snippet shortcut to autocomplete to a feedback snippet. Learn more about using snippets here.​
If submissions are divided among graders, you will by default only find the submissions assigned to you on the Submissions page.

Giving feedback on reports or rendered files

Giving feedback to a PDF file
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    Select the PDF or Image file and click on the Pencil button on the bottom right corner of the file to display an input field for feedback.
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    Enter your comments and press Save. It is also possible to use snippets here.

Giving general feedback for the whole submission

Giving general feedback on an assignment
It is also possible to give additional general feedback about the submission as a whole. This can be done by clicking the Pencil button on the top right corner of the submission page. General Feedback supports snippets and markdown too. Students can respond to General Feedback - just like with Inline Feedback - and threads can be formed.

Rubrics and final grade

Opening the rubric and inputting your final grade
Once you are done writing feedback, you can fill in the rubric category at the bottom of the screen and a final grade will come out. It is also possible to overwrite this grade manually.
Some rubric categories are impossible to manually fill in, this is because these are linked to AutoTest categories.

Learn more about grading with inline comments and the Code Viewer:

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