Using snippets

Snippets make your life easier by allowing you to reuse common feedback comments and efficiently autocomplete to them.

Sometimes it is desirable to reuse the same comments as feedback in different places, for instance if many students make the same mistakes. CodeGrade allows to save and reuse comments in the form of snippets, thus helping provide quick feedback in an easy and efficient way.

There are two types of snippets in CodeGrade:

  • Personal snippets: snippets linked to your personal CodeGrade account and available only to you, but for every course and assignment you grade.

  • Course-wide snippets: snippets linked to a course and shared by all graders in that course, only available in a specific course.

Next to making grading more efficient for you and your graders, creating course-wide snippets forces you to think about common and expected errors and mistakes during your assignments, which is always a good practice.

To use a snippet during feedback, simply enter the keyword for the snippet and press TAB to automatically generate the full line of feedback.

Learn more about snippets: