Assignments in CodeGrade

Assignments in CodeGrade are part of a course and allow students to submit code.

Courses in CodeGrade hold one or more assignments, each assignment allows students to hand in their submissions and you to grade them. Assignments are created in the learning management system or in CodeGrade if you use a stand alone environment. Most assignment management is done inside CodeGrade and not in your learning management system.

Assignment state

Three assignment states are available and can be configured on the General tab of the Assignment Management Page. The current state can be found on the top right corner of the Assignment Management Page. The three states are:

  • Hidden state: the assignment is invisible to students.

  • Open state: the assignment is visible to students and students can hand in submissions before the deadline.

  • Done state: the assignment is visible to students and grading is finished, grades and feedback are sent back to the learning management system and are visible to students.

Students will by default only see their feedback, answers to their questions and grades when the assignment is in the Done state.

When an assignment is in the Done state, grades are automatically sent back to the learning management system gradebook.

For most assignments, the Hidden and Open states are managed by the learning management system or by the "Available at" date and not manually within CodeGrade. This will be shown as Hidden/Open inside CodeGrade.

Deadline and lock date

Each assignment in CodeGrade requires a deadline to be set before students can hand in to it. There are two types of deadlines in CodeGrade: the regular deadline and a lock date.

The regular deadline in CodeGrade are hard by default, meaning that students cannot hand in after the deadline anymore. You can however manually give students permission to still hand in after the deadline.

The lock date specifies the date and time the assignment is locked and even students with the permission to upload after the deadline can not hand in anymore. When used like that, the lock date can act as a second deadline. The lock date is an optional field in CodeGrade, in practice, just using the deadline is sufficient for most assignments.

For most CodeGrade assignments, the deadline and lock date are set from inside the learning management system (e.g. Canvas, Brightspace, Blackboard) and synchronized automatically with CodeGrade.

Uploading as a teacher

Submissions can be uploaded via the Assignment Management page too. Using the Upload submission tool submissions can be uploaded for any user in the course. You can also hand in a submission as a Test Student to check if your assignment setup - for instance the automatic tests or hand in requirements - works as expected. You can Test Student submissions without setting a deadline and in any assignment state. Test Student submissions will be excluded from analytics and plagiarism runs.

Anonymous grading

Anonymous grading can be turned on via the Assignment Management page. Sometimes you may prefer to grade anonymously yourself or have your graders grade anonymously. CodeGrade assignments have a setting to hide all occurrences of student- and group names in our user interface.

Anonymous grading is a UI-based feature, it hides all occurrences of student and group names in our user interface. Names in code, the Filesystem folders, exports and plagiarism cases are not anonymized. You may disable some of these functions for your graders using our permission system.