Exam Mode
With CodeGrade's exam mode you can do your summative assignments and final exams with CodeGrade too.
With CodeGrade's exam mode, you can automate when an assignment is visible to students and send an email to students with a link to the assignment, with which they can then log in to the assignment. When logged in via such a link the student will only have access to the course of this exam.
In exam mode all the usual assignment tools are available, such as the rubric for grading, or the plagiarism checker. You can even set up an AutoTest configuration to give your students continuous and automated feedback during the exam.

Exam duration

For exams you do not configure a deadline, but rather a start time and a duration. Set the start time by selecting a date and time in the "available at" field. At this moment the assignment's state will automatically switch from hidden to open and students can start submitting their solutions, for the set duration of the exam. Naturally, the deadline / end of the exam is the start time + the duration.
With exam mode enabled it is possible to automatically send an email to the students of the course that contains a link to the exam. This email is sent twice, the first time a few days before the exam, and once more half an hour before the exam starts, so students do not have to search through their email history to log in to the exam.
Once the exam has started students can click the big "Start" button to start the exam. They can also choose to log in automatically when the exam starts. Then they have until the end of the exam to submit their solutions.
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