Courses in CodeGrade

Courses in CodeGrade are automatically created and are a collection of multiple assignments. Enrolment, permissions, groups and snippets can be managed on course level.

Courses are mostly automatically generated in CodeGrade. When creating your assignment in your learning management system, this is automatically added to the right course, or this course is created if it did not exist yet.

Most management in CodeGrade is done on an assignment level, but a couple of things are managed on a course level:

  • Course archiving

  • Enrolment and roles

  • Permissions

  • Groups

  • Course-wide snippets

  • Contacting (all) students

Course name

You can change the name of courses. The name may not be empty. As most courses are created from within the learning management system and the name is copied from there too, the name of LTI courses cannot be changed within CodeGrade.

Archiving a course

Archiving a course will hide it for students (or more precisely all users that do not have the โ€œSee archived coursesโ€ permission), and will sort it below all non archived courses. You can still import data from archived courses. Archiving can be reversed without data loss.

Archiving a course helps prevent confusion between multiple iterations of the same course, for both students and teachers.