Web Dev Guides
Learn all about grading your web dev or databases assignments in CodeGrade with our step-by-step guides.
Web development is a broad field that encompasses many languages including but not limited to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and many more. In this section we provide a number of guides aimed at some of the most common web development coding exercises that are commonly autograded using CodeGrade.
Webinar on autrograding HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL in CodeGrade.

Autograding SQL assignments in CodeGrade

Autograding SQL database assignments is very intuitive in CodeGrade using our I/O tests. The nature of these assignments, creating a query and checking if the output is correct, maps very well with how this can be done in CodeGrade. In the guides below, we teach you how you can set up your MySQL database in CodeGrade or your SQLite database, to then easily autograde the student's queries.

Autograding Website UI with Selenium

One of the hardest things to autograde are User Interfaces. Many degrees will however offer courses on UI and UX building, often as part of a Web Development course. With CodeGrade, thanks to Anton Tibblin and Johan Holmberg from MalmΓΆ University, you can now even fully automate website User Interface grading for your web design courses using state of the art tools like Selenium and Jest!