Peer Feedback
Who knows better what problems students run into than the students themselves? This is why CodeGrade offers peer feedback, a way for students to review and learn from each other's code.
Peer Feedback in CodeGrade is a way for students to review and learn from each other's code. When peer feedback is enabled for an assignment students get assigned to a number of other students and get access to their submissions to give inline comments and general feedback.
Peer Feedback allows students to give inline comments and general feedback to each other, rubrics and final grades are still filled in by the teacher.
You can enable peer feedback by clicking the peer feedback button, configuring the peer feedback settings, and finally pressing the "Submit" button on the Assignment Management Page.

Amount of students

This is the amount of submissions each student should review. Students are distributed randomly amongst each other. This happens in an automated fashion once the deadline of the assignment has passed.
This setting should be treated with care, especially after the assignment's deadline, because changing the amount of students setting will cause all students to be reassigned. The process of reassigning does not guarantee that students are assigned to the same peers as before the change, even when the number has increased. On the contrary, it is quite likely that almost all students are assigned to someone else than they had been.

Time to give peer feedback

The amount of time students have to give feedback to their peers. During this time students can place comments on the submissions they were assigned to. Students will still be able to view the submissions even after this time has passed.

Automatically approve comments

By default when a student places peer feedback on another student's submission the other student will not be able to see it immediately. The comment first has to be approved by the teacher or teaching assistant. Enabling this option changes that behaviour so that each comment is automatically approved.
Comments can still be manually disapproved even with this setting turned on.
Peer Feedback makes a division among students directly after the deadline. Please be cautious with using peer feedback and allowing students to hand in after the deadline. If a student uploads for the first time only after the deadline, they will still be taken into account for the division, which could in the worst case alter the division for all students.
Peer feedback is not (yet) compatible with group assignments.
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